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PalsGames Facts 1: "Trainbombing" turned into Subway Surfers!

Did you know? A Short Animated Film called “Trainbombing” turned into Subway Surfers!


The game Subway Surfers was initially conceived well before Temple Run. It was made up on a short animated film about a young graffiti rascal escaping a guard and his dog, created by the SYBO Games co-founder Bodie Jahn-Mulliner and Sylvester Rishøj, creative director and co-founder at SYBO Games. When they opened their studio’s doors, they hung onto the idea of the graffiti theme and started prototyping a platform based on the short film they’d made. Sometime later, when talking to friends at fellow Danish studio Kiloo Games, they got some feedback: “Simon Møller from Kiloo said to them: ‘Your short film kicks ass! Go make that game!’”


Trainbombing – This turned into Subway Surfers


Trainbombing – This turned into Subway Surfers
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